8 kawaii beauty products for the fall season!

__original_drawn_by_nae_nae__f67bc87b1d2071e477b087f924b2bbd4Original artwork by nae-nae.

Fall is finally here in full-swing! It’s a time to admire the beauty of the crisp falling leaves, and think about the new beginnings in our life–whether that means starting a new year at school or starting a new job. Whatever new path you’re embarking on this season, let’s face it with your best look! Here are 8 of Hii-chan’s favorite makeup and beauty products to help you look like the ‘main protagonist’ you’ve always wanted to be~! rainbow flashy stars71afwIvFlaL._SL1024_

cute pixel ribbon Assorted Face Mask set by Etude House ~
Depending on where you live, climates may be changing to harsher winds and colder temperatures–so before you put your makeup on, don’t forget to pamper your skin first! This affordable face mask set by famed Korean makeup brand ‘Etude House’ comes with a variety of different kinds of masks with cute themes–like ‘Manuka Honey‘, ‘Green Tea‘, and ‘Damask Rose‘–each with its own healing properties. Help your skin be purified and sparkling before the day with these masks, in order to put your best face forward~!


cute pixel ribbon ‘Gudetama Cupcake’ Eyeshadow Palette (in ‘Red Velvet) by Holika Holika~
Sanrio fans will recognize this lazy face anywhere! The infamous cranky egg Gudetama has his own eyeshadow palette in collaboration with ‘Holika Holika’. The lovely jewel tones–in shades of light peach, to crimson red, to neutral brown–remind one of the beauty of the falling Autumn leaves. Perfect for a romantic-but-natural look for all sorts of occasions!


cute pixel ribbon  Sailor Moon ‘Miracle Romance’ Liquid Eyeliner Moon Stick ~
Ever wanted to feel like a magical girl when putting on your makeup? Add a sparkle of “mahou shoujo” to your morning makeup routine with this official Sailor Moon eyeliner moon stick~! The liquid eyeliner tube actually looks like Sailor Moon’s wand–take off the moon-shaped cap to reveal the velvet tip marker. And if Usagi isn’t your favorite sailor senshi, you can check out Chibi Moon’s version as well!


cute pixel ribbon Dolly Wink False Eyelashes (‘Sweet Cat’) ~
Gyaru supermodel-turned-makeup-producer Tsubasa Masuwaka knew what she was doing when she produced these adorable cat eye-inspired false eyelashes under her company ‘Dolly Wink’! These lashes have a touch of volume at the outer edges, while the rest of the lash is fluffy and natural…perfect for a cheeky cat-eye look that’s versatile for all occasions!


cute pixel ribbon Petit Bunny Gloss Bar Tinted Lip Balm by TONYMOLY ~
Not quite a lipstick, but not quite chapstick, this nourishing tinted lip balm stick by popular Korean brand TONYMOLY’ is just too cute! The packaging is in the shape of a rabbit, and each color has a different facial expression. While I suggest the ‘Juicy Orange’ colorway for the Autumn season, the affordable price and irresistible packaging makes it hard for you to not collect them all!


cute pixel ribbon Hello Kitty x TokiDoki collaboration Hair Brush~
The queen of kawaii ‘Hello Kitty’ has teamed up with colorful artist ‘TokiDoki’ to create this one-of-a-kind hairbrush! The full-of-attitude characters of TokiDoki’s artworks combined with the innocent cuteness of Hello Kitty make for an interesting combination, that’s sure to add a pop-kei touch to your morning routine~!


cute pixel ribbon‘Silk Scarf’ Moist Hair Mist by Etude House~
Another product by the adorable ‘Etude House’, this handy hair mist is sure to keep your hair shiny, soft, and healthy even on the most stubborn “bad hair” days! It comes in either a “mask” form (basically, an infused shower cap that you wear for a certain amount of time…like a face mask, but for your hair) or in a bottle, with a delicious strawberry scent~ It will make your hair shiny and smooth like your favorite shoujo heroine~!rainbow flashy stars

What was your favorite product on this list? Have you tried any of these products or beauty companies before? Tell me all about it in a comment! Until next time~~ tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgp- hikari sig -

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