Floor-length anime hair…in real life?! Hair model Momoco

from blog 1Photo from Momoco’s blog.

There are countless anime heroines with beautiful hair the length of their entire body–think of Chii from Chobits, or Hatsune Miku‘s long twintails! Super long hair inspires ideas of elegance, old-fashioned femininity, and a touch of fantasy. It’s a gorgeous sight that you’ll never witness in the real world…or will you?!

from insta 1Photo from Momoco’s Instagram.

Momoco-san may look like your average girl, but she’s been working hard on something that’s going to break world records…her super long hair!

She’s recorded her hair length journey through her social media. It’s styled in a “hime” (“princess“) cut, with two short pieces in the front framing her face, and her straight elegant hair trailing behind. 

She’s grown her hair so long that it’s just longer than her body! Hii-chan is amazed at the amount of time and effort it must take to make such long hair look so beautiful~ tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgp

from blog 2Photo from Momoco’s blog.

Momoco’s personal style is romantic and girly, which adds to her elegant image. She gives off the aura of an old-fashioned princess in frilled lolita-inspired fashion~! Watching her walk under fluttering cherry blossoms is like watching an anime character in real life…! rainbow flashy stars

Nowadays, her jaw-dropping hair has made her famous–she starred in a hair commercial for ‘MONSTER’ hair dryers! Vastly different from her usual cute style, Momoco wears a sexy black leather dress and is floating in a futuristic setting, entwined in her shining black hair…So sugoi~!rainbow flashy stars

DN_6EM0VAAEEKOXPhoto from Momoco’s blog.

No matter what Momoco-san is wearing, whether it’s a fairy-like feminine outfit or a dark elegant look, we hope to support her in her ever-growing hair journey~! You can support Momoco too, by visiting her Youtube channel, Ameblo blog, Instagram, and Twitter.

from blog 5Photo from Momoco’s blog.

She’s an artist and anime fan, as well! You can view her artworks and photos of her anime merchandise on her social media~ Just a few series she enjoys are Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), and Tokyo Ghoulrainbow flashy stars

What do you think of Momoco-san’s epic long hair? Would you ever try to grow your hair as long? Tell me in a comment! Until next time~~- hikari sig -

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