The journey to being a published mangaka in ‘Comic Girls’ {Anime Review}


There’s no doubt that the beautiful animation and artistry of anime and manga attracts artist from around the world~! Are you someone who likes to draw? Maybe even an up-and-coming mangaka or animator? Imagine growing up in a dorm full of aspiring manga artists, all working to improve their craft while also juggling their studies…wouldn’t that be the dream?!rainbow flashy stars

About two months ago I watched ‘Comic Girls’an anime that aired in the spring of this past year. The plot is just what I described above–a shy, crybaby girl who goes by Kaos travels to the city to live in a dorm full of other artists to pursue her dream of becoming a published manga author. If you like to draw, or have any sort of creative pursuits, then this heartwarming story is sure to interest you…!


The charm of ‘Comic Girls’ comes from its humor, and its character’s growing from their personal struggles. The awkward Kaos-chan, who lived with no friends in the countryside, is introduced to a variety of other girls her age who are also manga artists, each with their own quirks: the responsible Ruki, who’s Kaos’s senpai in the dorm, draws raunchy comics for adult women despite being a teenager with no romantic experience, the dashing Tsubasa, a tomboyish girl who’s secretly a published shounen author under a male pen name, and the friendly-but-ditzy Koyume, Kaos’s first friend and fellow student, who’s aiming to be a shoujo romance author. While there are plenty of other characters who also have their own quirks, flaws, and motivations, these main four are the center stage of the show, and who we’ll be rooting for throughout the plot!

The show is cute, but maybe a bit plain–the animation is nice (not ground-breaking, but aesthetically pleasing), the character design is charming, and the jokes are goofy and light-hearted. This is definitely a “cute girls doing cute things” slice-of-life show–so some of you may be put off by the slow pace and lack of real action…


…But despite this, the show has some genuinely moving moments that will certainly tug on the heartstrings of those in the audience who are also creatives! Without getting too spoiler-y, the main message of the show is to “never give up”rainbow flashy stars We watch the main characters–especially Kaos-chan–struggle with their daily lives. Every episode we watch Kaos push herself to improve at her craft, only to get shut down by her editor who rejects her comic drafts each time…until she learns enough from her friends and superiors, who push and encourage her to continue learning and drawing despite the constant rejections. The final message is that even if you’re scared, or feel like there’s no hope– there’s always a way to succeed if you’re honest with yourself and are trying your best…! tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgptumblr_pi3hrrY2kG1u86t2qo1_640

The heavy inspiration from the work of actual mangakas is an extra treat to the show’s storyline. The characters go shopping for art supplies, explain their design processes–from getting inspiration, to their drawing utensils of choice–and pulling all-nighters before important deadlines! tumblr_inline_mmzqoljEsr1qz4rgp It may be dramatized for comedic effect, but the woes of an everyday artist are sure to be relatable to those who like to draw.

comic girls p

While it may be a bit average, and have some imperfections, “Comic Girls” is a light-hearted and fun watch that’s sure to be a favorite for those with a passion for art and drawing~ Have you watched “Comic Girls”? If so, what did you think of it? What character did you relate with the most? rainbow flashy stars

Don’t forget–! tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgp If you enjoyed this review, you can check out my other anime and film reviews~ And if you’re in the mood to enjoy more breath-taking anime art, then check out the Kawaii Palace on Pinterest, where you can enjoy new kawaii content everyday! Until next time~~- hikari sig -

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