How is Christmas Celebrated in Japan? {Culture Lesson}


The holiday season is here! Christmas is celebrated all around the world–each country with their own unique folklore and traditions. And Japan is no different! So just how is celebrate Christmas in Japan…? Let’s find out in today’s “Japanese Culture Lesson”~! rainbow flashy stars

12535323374_c298f9eb4c_kPhoto by Ryo FUKAsawa on Flickr.

Unlike countries that are made up of mostly Christian-worshipping citizens, Japan does not have any sort of religious context for the holiday. There’s no nativity scenes and glittering cherubs in their version of Christmas…in fact, the way they celebrate the holiday is more like how the United States or United Kingdom celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Christmas Eve is the most important for young couples in Japan. It’s the perfect evening to go on a romantic date with your significant other and enjoy a meal at a fancy restaurant. Sexy and cute santa girl cosplays also go on sale at this time of year! For those who want to add holiday flair to their cosplay, or surprise a lover, costumes like this are perfect for the occasion! Why not give it a try yourself with one of these adorable fur-trimmed costumes…?rainbow flashy stars


This doesn’t mean that families and children can’t celebrate as well–children’s school vacations usually start on Christmas Eve, and they will receive cake and presents from “Santa-San” on Christmas morning. Their version of Santa Claus looks just like ours–long white beard, red uniform and all!

4137712229_b1e9fe63f7_bPhoto by rumpleteaser on Flickr.

When it comes to seasonal food, you may be surprised that the Japanese holiday traditions involve a familiar favorite to those in America–fried chicken! Delicious chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken, in fact. The popular fast food chain is so famous in Japan that it’s important to reserve your order months in advance before the actual holiday…on Christmas Eve, they sell out that fast! tumblr_inline_mmzqoljEsr1qz4rgp There’s also the sweet and fluffy Japanese “Christmas Cake”–a spongy shortcake filled with light whipped cream, decorated with strawberries and flowers. It’s super yummy & kawaii~! rainbow flashy stars

27763471794_397d6859ba_bPhoto by Yuya Tamai on Flickr.

One of the most beautiful and romantic attractions to enjoy during the holiday season in Japan are the elaborate illumination displays that decorate the city! Whole streets and parks are covered top-to-bottom in sparkling fairy lightsWith flashing animations, towering structures, and magical colors, to walk through one of these dazzling installations is sure to make a magical holiday memory that will last you a lifetime…! rainbow flashy stars

If you’re ever in Japan during the Christmas season, be sure to try some of these traditions yourself! What would custom or food you like to try? Let me know in a comment! tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgp Until next time~~- hikari sig -

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