About the Kawaii Palace

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こんにちは~! Hello there~!
Welcome to the palace~!


About the blog –

First of all…you might be wondering, what is “kawaii”?
To put it simply, “kawaii” is the Japanese word for cute.  But the word has come to represent many things around the world since it’s creation.  For some, the word invokes the idea of colorful anime, and for others unique fashion styles, or maybe just images of characters like Hello Kitty. But for the sake of this blog, “kawaii” is the all-encompassing aesthetic of all things cute, colorful, and creative !rainbow flashy stars

The “Kawaii Palace” is home to all things just that–a place to share kawaii things, whether it be anime, cute fashion, cosplay, makeup trends…it’s a kingdom of all things cute~! tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgp

Blog disclaimer: None of the images on this blog are owned by me, unless otherwise specified. This blog is for entertainment and education purposes only! Please let me know in an email if you are the owner of an image used on the site, and would like me to take something down.


About the author –

I created the “Kawaii Palace” because of my passion for anime, cute fashion, and Japanese culture. I hope you can find something interesting on my blog–and maybe even learn something new! tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgp If you’d like to work with me, or ask me about advertising/sponsorships, see my ‘contact’ page for more information~

  • Nickname: Hii-chan
  • Birth date: July 22nd
  • Age: It’s not polite to ask a lady her age… tumblr_inline_mmzqomRq0K1qz4rgp but I’m eternally 18-years-young!
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Favorite color(s): Pink, White, Mint Green
  • Favorite anime genre(s): Slice-of-life, comedy, idol