Floor-length anime hair…in real life?! Hair model Momoco

from blog 1Photo from Momoco’s blog.

There are countless anime heroines with beautiful hair the length of their entire body–think of Chii from Chobits, or Hatsune Miku‘s long twintails! Super long hair inspires ideas of elegance, old-fashioned femininity, and a touch of fantasy. It’s a gorgeous sight that you’ll never witness in the real world…or will you?!

from insta 1Photo from Momoco’s Instagram.

Momoco-san may look like your average girl, but she’s been working hard on something that’s going to break world records…her super long hair!

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8 kawaii beauty products for the fall season!

__original_drawn_by_nae_nae__f67bc87b1d2071e477b087f924b2bbd4Original artwork by nae-nae.

Fall is finally here in full-swing! It’s a time to admire the beauty of the crisp falling leaves, and think about the new beginnings in our life–whether that means starting a new year at school or starting a new job. Whatever new path you’re embarking on this season, let’s face it with your best look! Here are 8 of Hii-chan’s favorite makeup and beauty products to help you look like the ‘main protagonist’ you’ve always wanted to be~! rainbow flashy stars71afwIvFlaL._SL1024_

cute pixel ribbon Assorted Face Mask set by Etude House ~
Depending on where you live, climates may be changing to harsher winds and colder temperatures–so before you put your makeup on, don’t forget to pamper your skin first! This affordable face mask set by famed Korean makeup brand ‘Etude House’ comes with a variety of different kinds of masks with cute themes–like ‘Manuka Honey‘, ‘Green Tea‘, and ‘Damask Rose‘–each with its own healing properties. Help your skin be purified and sparkling before the day with these masks, in order to put your best face forward~!

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