The journey to being a published mangaka in ‘Comic Girls’ {Anime Review}


There’s no doubt that the beautiful animation and artistry of anime and manga attracts artist from around the world~! Are you someone who likes to draw? Maybe even an up-and-coming mangaka or animator? Imagine growing up in a dorm full of aspiring manga artists, all working to improve their craft while also juggling their studies…wouldn’t that be the dream?!rainbow flashy stars

About two months ago I watched ‘Comic Girls’an anime that aired in the spring of this past year. The plot is just what I described above–a shy, crybaby girl who goes by Kaos travels to the city to live in a dorm full of other artists to pursue her dream of becoming a published manga author. If you like to draw, or have any sort of creative pursuits, then this heartwarming story is sure to interest you…!Read More »