What is a “tsundere” character? {Anime Tropes Explained}


It’s time for another “Anime Tropes Explained”~! rainbow flashy stars Today’s topic is a rather mysterious one–every time I approach it, it gets flustered and calls me names before running away! tumblr_inline_mmzqoljEsr1qz4rgp Can you guess what popular archetype we’ll be discussing in this lesson…? If you guessed the “tsundere” personality trait…you’re right! Follow me as I explore the ins-and-outs of a tsundere character…if I can manage to get close enough to keep it from slapping me…and you better keep reading this post, b-baka

J0rvWRlFrom ‘Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi’.

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The Ultimate Otaku Holiday Gift Guide! 2018 Edition

51dab8159b3d7fd99dd05220d0dc63986253e0f6Artwork by morikuraen.

The holiday season is upon us! rainbow flashy starsIt’s a time of cheery music, delicious treats, and…lots and lots of shopping! Do you know what you’re getting for your family and friends this year?! Maybe you have a friend, sibling, or relative that you know is a super big anime fan, and are looking for that perfect something for under the tree to surprise them with. Heck, maybe you’re even shopping for yourself–no shame in that! Today I’m exploring the many different kinds of otaku (a.k.a. hardcore anime fans! tumblr_inline_mmzqp1eAQD1qz4rgp ) and coming up with awesome and cost-effective gift ideas for each one. You’re guaranteed to find a super kawaii gift for someone who love, so read on to get inspired~!

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The journey to being a published mangaka in ‘Comic Girls’ {Anime Review}


There’s no doubt that the beautiful animation and artistry of anime and manga attracts artist from around the world~! Are you someone who likes to draw? Maybe even an up-and-coming mangaka or animator? Imagine growing up in a dorm full of aspiring manga artists, all working to improve their craft while also juggling their studies…wouldn’t that be the dream?!rainbow flashy stars

About two months ago I watched ‘Comic Girls’an anime that aired in the spring of this past year. The plot is just what I described above–a shy, crybaby girl who goes by Kaos travels to the city to live in a dorm full of other artists to pursue her dream of becoming a published manga author. If you like to draw, or have any sort of creative pursuits, then this heartwarming story is sure to interest you…!Read More »

10 Relaxing Anime + Game Songs for Studying

__kobayakawa_rinko_love_plus_drawn_by_makokujira__sample-420d4a3a771e826fcf56fb91e992793fArtwork by makokujira.

Hi everyone! rainbow flashy stars For those of you who are students–school is now in session! Your midterms or final exams may be coming up…It’s a stressful time for all, but don’t worry! Hii-chan is here to help you pass your exams while still expressing your otaku spirit, with this music playlist of relaxing anime, J-pop, and videogame songs that will help you concentrate! tumblr_inline_mmzqoyXsFy1qz4rgp

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What is ‘moe’? {Anime Tropes Explained}


If you’re a fan of anime and manga, then you’ve probably come across this mysterious word–maybe you’ve read it in description for a pretty female character, seen it used as a description for an anime’s art style, or heard an anime character mutter “moeee~” in response to something unbearably adorable. But what does it mean, exactly? Let’s get to the bottom of this “moe” mystery! tumblr_inline_mmzqoyXsFy1qz4rgp

f8a3b6ed69a6978949e2017080283726b28bfeab_hqFrom the anime ‘Milky Holmes’.

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